Identify The Allergens in Your Home

For some people, allergies are becoming a disease that is very disturbing. Not only outdoors, but allergy sufferers also turns out to have a relapse in the house.

Some allergens in the home can come from pet droppings, dust and crumbs of wood from termites.

Perhaps keeping the house clean and dry is the most important steps to minimize the presence of allergens in the interior.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, a total house cleaning is the first step to keeping your home free of allergies.

An air purifier also has a major role to maintain the room temperature remains neutral.

Another step you can do is to keep the pet in order not to sleep in your bed. Also, the mattress sterilization of moths and bedbugs but not least, if necessary you can ask for help from a professional.

Another preventive measure is to prevent the carpet and ceiling become moist due to spill or leak water.

If this happens, immediately dry to prevent moisture which causes mildew.

Lastly, choose furniture and home decor appropriate to create a healthy home are non-allergenic.

Quoted from several websites, here are some things that can trigger allergies in your home:

Messy House

Avoid filling the room with lots of furniture. With a bit of furniture, then you can clean the floor and the room with ease. Even though it looks easy, but this method can significantly ease the task of cleaning up your journal.

In the children’s bedroom that contains a lot of toys, make sure you have a special cupboard or drawer so that the toy store protected from dust and dirt.

Should not store a collection of books in the bedroom because they can cause a lot of dust that’s hard to clean.

Feather Furniture without Legs

Avoid using furniture with fur material, fabric, velvet, and the like. These materials can make dust stuck and stubborn.

Leather or vinyl material into two the best option to minimize allergic reaction triggers present in the house. This material is easy to clean and available in many colors, patterns and textures.

Buying a quality leather sofa might be quite expensive, but this investment commensurate with age durable.

When choosing a sofa and chair, select a design that has leg braces. In addition to easily accessible broom and a mop, this design also prevents the presence of dust and mildew below.

If you prefer to decorate the house with material made of fabric, be prepared to clean it up diligently. The most effective cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

It must be remembered, that the organic fabric is not always hypoallergenic or allergy-free. Some materials, for example, organic wool can still trigger an allergic reaction, you know!

Minimize the Use of Carpet

Although comfortable and beautiful to look at, the carpet is very risky to bring dust and mildew. Let your floor remains smooth finishing with ceramic or parquet, for easy cleaning.

If forced to wear the carpet, wipe the surface with a vacuum cleaner every day.

Avoid Thick Curtain

Sunshade or sunblind into one of the items decorating the windows safest residential allergy sufferers. But, do not choose blinds made of wood because it could be the target of mites and termites.

Alternatively, select a metal material. But if forced to wear drapery fabrics, choose thin fabric for easy cleaning.

Rarely Replace Bed Sheet and Pillowcase

Sleeping beds to be an item that requires more attention because bolster pillow and mattress are very vulnerable to becoming a breeding ground for dust mites and fungi.

In addition to change the sheets and pillowcases bolster least once a week, you should select a mattress and bolster pillows made of material allergy free (hypoallergenic).

Some of the mattresses are made of latex material that cause allergies when in contact with skin.